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Cindy: Hi Rich! Sorry to hear you had to have another operation, but I will pray for its success! I hope you are feeling better and the hospital has had a chance to get their equipment back together after your stay!
Sue: Gieuseppe looks like he needs a diet (or to give birth) hahaha
Alyssa: Aly's favorite picture... "Nono in a flower. HAHAHA"
Katie: Why don't you talk about the horses and the donkey? how about a video clip of the guinea hens clucking and screaming at night? Talk about ticks. And put in a donation button for the broken stuff. haha
Jim: Hi Rich! How are you coming along? Want to do some brush hogging this month?

I like your web site... who developed it?

Sue: Dad-
I bet the wool people aren't going to like the red but I think it's pretty funny :)
Benny Maulucci: hope you get well fast so i can borrow the plow soon!
Amanda: OMG I just read the blog. Im scared to ask, but..... does Richard have a tumor? malignant? I was so sad to read that he has to attend to the plants while recovering. I know the farm is his life. I hope he is feeling better, because I expect him to ask me to pull his finger the next time I visit.

Thinking of you all:)

Bill: I need to visit again!
Great update!
Sue: Dad- Why is there no mention of who made the window in the green house? Dave- The stained glass window might look better in the pic if you knock down the plants outside then take the pic... hint, hint.
Shelley: Richard you are too funny! I do enjoy all of the pictures. Great site! I am happy Joshepie is doing well. Do the goats still watch over him? He certainly looks very happy! I never knew David has gone to so many places. That is very exciting. I need to get busy to catch up! Where are all of the bee hives? Hope to see you all soon!
Dorrie: You already have all of the above information! Your blog is very interesting. Lots more life and death issues than most of us these days deal with. Thanks for sharing.
Koda: I really like your website and I know I don't live there but I like to go to your house and pee in it. Do you think you can put some pictures of me and Titan on the website? Woof
Okley: I looked at the critters on Dave's page and saw a wild rabbit feeding a human. I also saw a moose on the farm and wanted to know when he traveled to the farm and if he ever came back. This is important because I want to chase him.
Mom: Nice sunflowers
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